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For those students who didn’t know, that we are now offering a New Jersey Defensive Driving course you are in LUCK!!! For those that have never been to New Jersey and are deciding to visit or drive through, it is known as the Garden State. With its beautiful parks, mountains, lakes, and breathtaking views. Just like any other state New Jersey has its share of drivers. We always say, “Oh, Houston has some of the worse drivers ever!” When in actuality every state has it own unique set of drivers. Some good; and some not so good.


New Jersey is known for its lead foot drivers, tailgaters, and road rage. The parkway runs along the eastern side of New Jersey, the New Jersey Turnpike is its counterpart towards the west portion. It can be very scary for new comers and locals alike. The problem is that there is no guidelines, no tips to how to drive.


So, if you ever decide to go to New Jersey or you are driving through New Jersey to get to your destination here are some helpful suggestions.


         The on ramp many people believe that they will receive their own lane upon entering the parkway. This is not the case. As soon as you approach the parkway via the on ramp you are already merging with oncoming parkway traffic in the righter most lanes. People need to realize that once they are approaching the parkway, they should do so at the speed limit of the parkway and not assume that a kind driver will allow them to slowly jump in front of them. It simply will not happen. Use your mirrors and know who is on your left side and behind you, accelerate and be careful. I must warn all that you will be cut off even on the on ramp to the parkway if you do not know the proper approach to doing so.


         I have heard the joke that the speed limit is a mere suggestion on the Garden State Parkway, this is no joke. There is a lane differentiation as well. The right lane would be the slowest lane of the bunch, that doesn’t mean that it is the SLOW lane, i just mean that out of the group it is still the slowest, but average speed is about 65MPH there. That is already 10 MPH faster than the 55MPH posted. In some areas however it does change to 65MPH granted same math applies. The middle lanes are for transition; you may notice and complain about the lane shifters. The middle lanes are for transition; you may notice and complain about the lane shifters. So be aware that if you are constantly having cars ever so close in your rear view mirror, only to pass you in frustration please move towards the right. This will save you and other drivers frustration, it also keeps you safe. Unless you have aspirations to be a race car driver stay out of the left lane. This lane is saved for those brave souls who have the need for speed. They travel in excess of 75-80 MPH.


         Blinkers are another gripe of drivers in NJ. Nobody seems to use them. Predict the unpredictable. If you say to yourself "they won’t jump into my lane" they probable will. Do not make the mistake of assuming people have common sense, the majority does not. It can be due to the various distractions, loud music, poor driving skills (which is rampant) or other factors.


The point is we can only control what we do when we are on the roads especially the NJ Parkway. You have to really utilize the skills that were shown to you when you learned to drive. Everybody is always going to be in a hurry, there is always one in the crowd, and other cliches. Use defensive and not offensive driving; choose your lanes wisely and with caution. If you are not ready for the big leagues than take some time in the minors (slower lanes) until you feel ready to roll with the big boys.


These tips are just some helpful things to know when driving in New Jersey. Remember, no state driving laws are the same. Always exercise caution and remember to drive defensively.


For point reduction, insurance reduction, additional driving tips and more go to or (students 55 and older)



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