Road Rage: Why & What To Do

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What is Road Rage and Why Does It Happen?

Road rage is when someone gets very angry while driving. It can make them do unsafe things like driving too fast, tailgating (driving very close behind another car), or zigzagging between lanes. But why do some people get road rage?

Experts think that road rage can happen when drivers are feeling frustrated, stressed, or like no one else can see them. Being in a car can make us feel separated from everything else, which might make it easier for us to let out any anger we’re feeling. If we’ve had a hard day at work or at home, it might make us more likely to get road rage.

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What Makes Road Rage Worse?

Knowing what can make road rage worse will help us to avoid it. Here are some things that might set off road rage:

Feeling disrespected – if someone cuts you off in traffic or honks their horn at you, it can make you angry.
Feeling in danger – if someone else is driving dangerously, it might make you scared and angry.
Being in a hurry – if we’re running late, we’re more likely to get frustrated and angry.

How Can We Handle Road Rage?

If we’re faced with road rage, here’s what we can do:

Stay Cool: Keep calm and don’t react, even if the other driver is being aggressive. This can stop things from getting worse.
Be Understanding: Remember, everyone makes mistakes. Try to understand why the other driver might have done something wrong, rather than getting angry.
Don’t Fight Back: Avoid arguing with the other driver. Don’t make eye contact and keep a safe distance from their car.
Ask for Help If You Need It: If the other driver is escalating the situation or acting a way that puts you in danger, call 911.

Road rage incidents can cause crashes that are completely avoidable. It’s very easy to get frustrated and caught up in the moment, or feel that you need to respond to another driver. One simple mistake is all it takes to have an accident. Letting your emotions control your driving is a massive factor in crashes. Keeping cool could be the difference between getting to your destination safely or being involved in an accident.


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