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Defensive driving isn’t just about dismissing your ticket. Yes, all of the courses will dismiss your traffic ticket, but you can also claim an auto insurance discount with our courses. With every course, we include an additional copy of your Certificate of Completion to provide to your insurance provider. One copy you provide to the court to dismiss your ticket. The other copy can be provided to your insurance company to qualify for an up to 10% discount.

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The insurance company doesn’t need to know that you took the course for a ticket. Just taking the course is enough to qualify for a discount. As prices for gas and groceries go up, people are looking to see where they can save money. Your 10% insurance discount could be more savings than cancelling a streaming service, or cutting back on other expenses.

Look at your auto insurance policy. Every $100 per month that you pay could be lowered by $10 simply by emailing them your certificate. If they don’t offer a discount, it might be a good time to shop around for a new insurance provider. Especially if you’re already looking to cut down on your expenses.


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