Will Defensive Driving Make My Speeding Ticket Go Away?

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Yes! After completing an approved defensive driving course and having that approved by the court, the speeding ticket will not appear on your driver record. You need to finish our course completely, and ensure you comply with all instructions the court provided you. Just because you finished our course does not mean you’re finished. The court should have provided very clear instructions on how to dismiss your ticket. Typically this involves paying some smaller fine, providing them your Certificate of Completion and possibly a copy of your Type 3A Driver Record.

Texting While Driving

But once you provide that information back to the court, the ticket is completely dismissed. It’s not on your record in any way. Your insurance rates won’t be affected. It will be like the ticket never happened. This is the reason that people opt for a defensive driving course rather than just paying the ticket. If you were to just pay a speeding ticket it would be on your driver record permanently.

Frequently, drivers will just pay their ticket because it’s the fastest way to “resolve” the issue. What they don’t realize in that moment, is that they’re putting that on their record for years. Their insurance is likely to be affected, and they have set them up for a headache beyond what they could have possibly imagined. If not dismissed, the ticket can haunt them for years, in the form of higher rates on insurance, car rentals, etc.

If you’re wondering if you’re eligible for defensive driving, you can check the requirements here. Our courses are approved for every court in Texas.


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