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PhotoI started working for the owner of DefensiveDriving.com in 1997. After the Texas Department of Licensing and Registration approved DefensiveDriving.com as one of the first online defensive driving courses in Texas in 2000, we went live with DefensiveDriving.com’s online text based course for ticket dismissal and to lower insurance rates. We went from a two man operation to more than 20 employees in just a couple of years. From 1997 until 2006, I worked as Office Manager, Call Center Manager and then Project Manager. I was Associate Producer on the award-winning Wheels in Motion course that we produced with help from several of the nation’s leading experts in traffic safety.

After my second baby was born in 2006, I took a 3 year “vacation” to be with my children. A year ago, I began working as an Independent Contractor from home for DefensiveDriving.com selling corporate driver training. Recently, I was fortunate enough to be able to return to DefensiveDriving.com full-time to work hard and get the word out that DefensiveDriving.com is the best defensive driving course available.Sometimes you may be required to take an approved defensive driving course…so whether you are taking it for ticket dismissal or just to become a safer driver, always remember DefensiveDriving.com makes it easy to satisfy your court requirements and you may even become a safer driver! DefensiveDriving.com saves lives! Happy and Safe Driving to all!

Sherry Kniffen


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