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Insurance Reduction
CA DMV Licensed Course
Fastest Receipt Delivery
Mobile & Tablet Friendly
Start & Stop Anytime
Shortest Course by Law
Time to CompleteUnlimited

Text Course

$13.95 Lowest price
available by law

You can discreetly take this text course at home, work or in any public place.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I receive a Completion Receipt?

    After completing your course the Completion Receipt will be electronically submitted directly to the DMV. You will receive a copy of your Completion Receipt, which can be sent to your insurance company to receive a discount.

  • What are the benefits of DefensiveDriving.com's course?

    DefensiveDriving.com has been a leader in the driver safety industry and the #1 rated defensive driving course since 2000. Our course is licensed by the state to be used for masking a traffic violation (in accordance with 1808.7 V.C.) and insurance premium discounts. We offer the shortest course and the lowest price allowed by law! DefensiveDriving.com’s mission is to educate and promote safe drivers by informing them of driving trends, dangerous maneuvers and rules of the road.

  • Can I take this course on my phone?

    Our defensive driving course is mobile and tablet friendly on most devices. Anywhere you can access the internet via your mobile or tablet device, you can take our course! The flexibility of the course allows you the option to view part of the course from a mobile device, log off and resume the course from an office or home computer where you left off.

  • Is the course 100% over the internet?

    Yes. You take the entire course on the Internet via your computer, tablet or mobile.

  • Is 24 hour assistance available?

    Yes. DefensiveDriving.com has licensed instructors and technical support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For assistance, call our toll-free help line at (866) 303-9984.

Is there anything we can help with?

If you have any other queries you can get in touch with us on

(713) 488-4000

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