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13 Irritating Things that Annoying Car Passengers do

Driving with friends in the car can be fun. Sometimes it can break up the monotony of a long journey, and especially if you are going somewhere fun, it can change a long drive from a boring necessity to a … Continue reading

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Study: Parents are Setting Bad Example When it Comes to Distracted Driving

It is often thought that the best way to get people to act a certain way is to lead by example. However, when it comes to parenting, any child will tell you that their parents do not always practice what … Continue reading

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6 Crazy Incidents of Distracted Driving

  Tens of thousands of people die every year in the United States, as a result of car accidents. A large portion of these are due to distracted driving. Distracted driving is anything that takes a driver’s attention away from … Continue reading

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Texting While Driving: The Ongoing Debate

    Texting is one of the greatest technologies of our time. According to Nielsen estimates, over 350 billion text messages are sent every month worldwide. But from the moment texting first became prevalent in our culture, there have been … Continue reading

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New Viral Video Proves No One’s A “Textpert” [VIDEO]

    When you are driving, there is nothing more annoying than getting stuck behind someone who is just not paying attention. Whether it’s because they are texting, drinking a latte, or getting a massage (you’ll see), some people do … Continue reading

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Car Crashes vs. Market Crashes: Is Safe Driving Affecting Stock Prices?

    When it comes to using a smartphone while driving, most of the world is in general agreement on the subject: texting, browsing, or any sort of phone use while driving is generally a bad thing. However, a new … Continue reading

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Texting and Driving: Is More Technology the Answer?

    As not just texting but also social media, access to Google and email have all become mainstream features of the phones we carry with us everywhere, the danger of distracted drivers sending texts, checking tweets and reading the … Continue reading

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Will Using Google Glass While Driving Be the Next Big Traffic Violation?

    We are all aware texting and driving is a bad thing. It distracts drivers, causes accidents and is overall terrible for the safety of drivers. The creation of the smartphone might be even worse for safety than your … Continue reading

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Driver Crashes Car While Texting | VIDEO

    If you didn’t know before watching this video, you would probably assume that you were watching a drunk driver. We see a Florida car swerving and weaving, straying onto the wrong side of the road, and eventually getting … Continue reading

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Driving Distractions [Infographic]

  Can you remember when you first learned to drive? Remember how surreal it was to be in control of a vehicle that was moving so quickly? Perhaps you were a nervous driver at first, or maybe it was easy, … Continue reading

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